Umbwe Route

You also have to collect your permit papers from other gates i.e. Machame or Marangu gates, as there is no proper gate at the Umbwe route. This can be done the day before the climb. I can say This route is the most challenging so far. The trail is really muddy, and jungle the first day and steep on the second. As the climbers used to call the Machame route the whiskey route, they called this one double whiskey.

The first day takes about 6-7hrs to the Umbwe cave. Then the second day is very steep for about 5-6hrs. The walk is partly in the forest and partly in the moor land to Baranco camp.From there you can deside to have either two nights at Baranco so that you can pay a visit to the Lava tower, or walk to the Karanga valley camp or direct to Barafu and descend to Mweka route to join with other climbers from Machame, Lemosho and Londorosi trails.

8 Days Umbwe Route Itinerary

  • Early morning after meeting at the Kilimanjaro Airport, drive all the way to Moshi. Overnight at Park View inn Hotel .