Rongai / Nalemoru Route.  

This is very different in beauty and scenery providing of all trail. The gate is situated on the east of the mountain near the bourder with Kenya.The gate can be reached after 3-4hrs of driving.

From the gate, it takes about 3hrs in the local people farms and then later in the rain forest to the first camp called Simba camp.

Then the following day, walk to the second cave, the walk takes about 3hrs in the Moor land.

From here you can decide to overnight at the second cave or continue to the following camp. If you have more time, from here follow the left trail which will take you to Kikelelwa camp, then the following day to Turn hut camp, which is right at the base of Mawenzi peak, from there walk throught the alpine desert between the Kibo and Mawenzi peaks to base camp Kibo. During the midnight join the Marangu trail climbers for the ascent to the summit and descend through the Marangu route.

For those who don’t have enough time, they have to follow the right hand trail from the second cave, which will take them to the third cave, then the following day they walk about 5hrs to the School hut or Kibo hut to be their base camp. In the mid night they ascent and join the Marangu climbers to the summit, Uhuru peak, and descend through the Marangu trail.

8 Days Rongai Route Itinerary

  • After meeting at the Airport , drive all the way to Moshi for dinner and overnight at Park View Hotel.