Who we work with

 Ideal clients are those who are ready to share culture and contact with local Tanzanians on their native land, the clients who are ready to share their wealthy with locals, by not going through the middle men, but dealing directly with local guides instead.

The ones who have respect to the environment and Nature, Also the ones who think might not have successful expedition with quality experience due to their physical difficulties.


 do arrange and make all the reservations on many different tour expeditions i.e. on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, and Mt. Oldonyolengai climbing, trekking on Usambara and Pare mountain ranges, also to the Crater highlands near Ngorongoro crater and the Maasai steps at Monduli juu.

We also do arrange lodge and camping Safaris to northern circuit to Lake Momela National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, the southern circuit to Mikumi National Park, Ruaha National Park, and Selous Game Reserve. Also beach holidays to Pangani on the north east of Tanzania and Zanzibar Island.

How we work  
The difference with Uhuru Expeditions is that, It is made up with the team of local tour guides who have long experience in their guiding carrier and have been working with different tour companies in Moshi and Arusha and now are trying to make better expeditions of door to door by organising directly with the clients.

We are all native Tanzanians and most of us have been potters before, which make our performance very high and to bring a quality experience during your expedition. We are as well all from different tribes and can make your cultural tour with more value.

We speak good English and some with more foreign languages i.e. Italian and Spanish. We also have attended some studies and training on tourism with wildlife which make them aware with environment and pollution. We have received the first aid training to make safe journeys. i.e. Their Mt. Kilimanjaro guides have learned the High Altitude problems and how to fix them so as to reduce the risks, by attending every client and crew in the team and record their pulse rate and oxygen saturation in the blood, every morning before leaving the camp and every evening before dinner. They bring with them a P.A.C. (potable altitude chamber) and they have learned how to use it, and have designed their own stretcher which will be comfortable for the client during evacuation and yet easy for potters to carry.

Uhuru Expeditions use different hotels of different standards according to the budget, preference or request. Hotels like Salsadenero, Impala hotel, Kilema Kyaro Hotel, Zebra hotel and Keys Hotel in Moshi.

Our Team